Ten Easy Choices

1. Pattern

Do you prefer a floor with a pattern or a simple linear background? Choose from:

PARQUET – From the basic Fingerblock or Herringbone to a more intricate design, here are several of the more popular parquets with their standard sizes:

Or let’s create your own, unique design!

ACCENTS – Choose from geometric designs to intricate saw, laser or router-cut designs for your foyer, reception or special accent area. These can run the range from your family coat-of-arms to your corporate logo to a whimsical accent unique just to you.

BORDERS – Select a simple, contrasting feature strip or an intricate, patterned border to accent the perimeter of a room or area.

STRIP or PLANK – Decide upon a linear look with a single width (contemporary) or several random widths (traditional). Do you prefer narrow (1 1/2″) or wide (11″) width(s)? Do you like it with or without round or square, matching or contrasting plugs?

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